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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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you pubclli are the records from the planning and building department. that's where the initial set of inquiries first came and in order to do that, i had to take to imfrom personnel that were also needed to provide safety and structural advice to the actual recovery effort. i am trying to be mindful of the appropriate priorities and recognize that we will have time and we are committed to answering your many questions. i am confident that we will be back here. i have asked those records. they are being compiled now, and well be providing them. again, we also want to be clear that we consulted with the attorney and the district attorney and that we are treating all records created-for-before this fire as public records. will you have access to everything. >> some of the warehouses are
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getting eviction notices. [ inaudible question ] >> the issue of housing safety is also an issue of safety that we're very concerned about, and that's also an issue that worries me personally greatly and that is the type of issue that we are going to be addressing as we survey all of the issues that this tragedy has really brought to light. >> i want to leave time for you to ask questions of atf and i want to be respectful of their time and leave time to ask questions because a lot of these are particularly of city staff that we have available amend i'm now going to introduce special agent in charge jill snider who can talk to you a little bit more about what is going on at the scene. >> hello. there's a lot of microphones up here. >> i just want to clarify some
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things and give you some facts and conclusions that have some from the scene, although we don't have a very definitive cause in origin at this time. this morning i walked the scene with our fire experts and they provide me with some information that i want to share with you. the subject matter experts and these are the facts as we know them from the subject matter experts which are certified fire investigators and electrical engineers and are fire engineers. there's evidence that the fire alarm system or fire suppression system was installed in the building. by all accounts the fire started on the first floor. there were two internal stairwells from the second floor that led to the first floor. neither of these stairwells led
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to an exit from the building and smoke traveled up the stairwells trapping the occupants on the second floor. there was rapid progression of the fire and an initial witness interviews have indicated that the fire was well developed by the time the second floor occupants learned about it. >> this is the highest number of fire fatalities in 13 years in this country. the last fire with this many fatalities was in 2003. that was the station nightclub in rhode island. there's been misinformation circulating this a refrigerator was the cause of the fire. this is inaccurate. please, stop saying it. >> the fruj tore is still being examined but has not been determined to be the cause of the fire. we're looking at every possible ignition source that's in the building. very no time line for clues, and
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we're going do a thorough job and we owe that to the families of the victims and we owe that to the community to have accurate information when we make the clumpingts atf experts will be on the scene possibly several more days examining physicl evidence. analysis and the data in interviews will take several weeks and even if you give this back to the owner the investigation will still be continuing. atf is in a support role with the oakland fire department working and in hand with them and will work closely with them to give the public the most accurate report of what happened there. i asked the immediate to please not perpetuate false conclusions or report origin, cause and determinations prematurely. this does nothing for our investigations nor does it gift victims' families or community any solace or answers. please let us complete our
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investigation. i ashour you that at the time that we have a determination we will let you know. thank you. do you have any questions? >> [inaudible question ]. >> i spoke to the investigators this morning about the rain and they have not indicated to me that it will impact the investigation. the digging part of the scene is done so now they are in the analysis part. >> laura? >> the information about the refrigerator came from the sheriff and it was repeat bid several members of the sheriff's department. it's not like that came out of nowhere. can you explain that? >> i can't speak to the sheriff. >> the -- the atf has consistently and for five hours yesterday i was telling all of you that the refrigerator as an electrical appliance is in consideration and has not been determined to be the cause of the fire. >> the sheriff never said it was. he just said it was being looked
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at. >> that is correct, yes, yes. everything that could be a possible source of ignition that is in the ignition is being locked at. >> is there any indication at all of fire play, arson? >> there is no evidence at this time of arson. >> bill. >> are there any accelerants in the building that may have led the fire to spread quite rapidly? >> i've not been made aware of any. >> you describe the electrical scene in there and the electrical work on its own, is there any indication there was electrical work done? >> not at this point. the electrical guess, one was other yesterday and the other one just got here morning so we're working through all of it so we veal more of a report when we're done with the analysis. i don't want to speak to the electrical without engineers
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tell me definitively what they are seeing. >> thank guys. are we going to reset a little bit for conversation that we're going to make. >> i want to give media, i know it's 4:00, who need to leave and we're going to let them sit and comfortable for everyone involved. you can get your microphones, exactly. >> we've been watching the news conference on the oakland fire at oakland's emergency operations center, getting the latest information. there's some information that we just learned. there's still one family that hasn't been notified that they have lost a loved one, but mayor libby schaaf was saying essentially the recovery was finished at this point and the atf will be there for several more days and the investigation
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will take several more weeks as they have to analyze everything. >> there's a lot of factual information if you joined us late to go over here and at times this 20-minute briefing was a bit uncomfortable as reporters grilled oakland mayor libby schaaf about essentially the city's responsibility whatever it is in terms of trying to make sure that billing code are followed, and she announced the formation of a task force with three objectives. one would be to get some national advisers on fire protection involved that would enhance building safety going forward as well as event safety and streamlining the process for handling complaints which apparently can be improved significantly. also clarifying reports of dangerous conditions and, again, trying to make the process more workable because clearly a lot of people in the past knew about the situation with respect to this building and for whatever reason understaffing is probably
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a big part of it. they didn't get anything done to avoid the situation and finally helping artists because there owes been an outcry from that community afraid that there may be a number of other -- well, we're sure there are a number of other wear houses, facilities where artists are gathered together, where there may be unsafe condition an rents are hoy and we know what's happening in the bay area to try to preserve their work spaces in their conditions while ensuring they have safe placed to do their work. >> exactly, and we'll bring you all the different details throughout this news conference and on our website and app. as i mentioned, up family still hasn't been notified that they loved a loved ups. they repleased the name of-of-to you more victims. mccafferty was also from owning land and worked at prestige
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music group. >> billy dixon was a native of the cleveland area. 4-year-old amanda kershaw lived in san francisco and was described as an avid photographer and events promoter. >> hana ruax lived with her boyfriend and they had twin caughters and denalda nicole renae was 29 and lived in the grant they'der. >> alex vega loved work on cars. we're told he died in the arms of his girlfriend, 20-year-old mikayla gregory. he also loved the arts from urban graffiti and painting to electronic music. now five people who used to attend cal or were current students were also among dead. >> abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington spoke with them on campus today or spoke with others on campus and joins us live now with a look back at
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what made these people so special. >> reporter: there's so many people touched by this tragedy and now we know it extends here to uc berkeley. there are counselors on campus. there will be a vigil tomorrow at noon at zeller and people are collecting cards that they can send to family members. uc berkeley just released a statement offering prayers and cole constolenses saying they will all stand together and will get through this. >> two uc berkeley undergrad, vanessa plotkin and jennifer morris and two recent alumni, clifd clyne and one campus volume fear chelsea faith dolan. >> it's a huge tragedy for the entire area. >> we'll be leaning on each other in the coming days to support each other and to
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support the families. >> plotkin and morris were roommates and had attended the ghost ship party together and both were juniors and volunteers at kalx, the campus radio stakes. morris from foster city was minimum wage oregon in media studies. the department released a statement. jenny was a wonderfullly bright and thoughtful young woman who came to the study of media at cal in order to better understand the world around here. clyne majored in cognitive science and madden also graduated with degrees in philosophy and slavic language. he was so passionate about the arts he started work being here at caliper formances when he was just a director. chelsea was a volunteer deejay
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for almost four years and they feel the loss of her personality and jen rous art. elissa harrington, abc 1 news. >> for more information on the victims go to and share this badge or look through the photo gallery that weave put together honoring the victims. today there was as clash between a long tim ocalan restaurant and the subject was called code enforcement. >> supposed to be aa. >> reporter: yes. that restaurant owner just across the street from me. 23 years in business says she spoke out today because she was worried about long lines of young people trying to get into the second floor of this art collective behind me and it worried her and in the end it all turned no a big argument. >> i told you that this meeting
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was is on thing with you. >> you did it work. >> okay. but you can't tell me what i did right or wrong. >> my friends died. i can tell you whatever i did. >> and i sympathize with that. >> you are hurting us. this is hurting us. >> okay. i'm sorry. >> homeless advocate dorothy king owns everton jones barbecue, a fixture in oakland. next door to the restaurant on the second floor there's an art and entertainment venue called the salt flick. people fear it could become another ghost ship after the fire and seeing people in line to go there she decided to speak out. artists interjektd at the press conference. >> there are two walkways where can you exit. there's also a fire escape which reporters might have in the is at the front of the building. >> and the fire fear eviction
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and king want to put pressure on the city to find affordable housing. >> i love the artist community and the property owner is at the end of the day responsible to make sure that all those individual enjoying themselves living there and are safe and the property owner has to be responsible for all the codes necessary. >> in the end, both sides agree to meet at the restaurant again, this time with city officials, to hammer out a sloigs. >> you can certainly kneel the frustration. one tribute will be held at k7 and two benuri rite and one sta st
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the cold temperatures are a reminder of how difficult life can be for most homeless people. >> tonight in san francisco about 1,800 people got food and the services they need including items to keep them warm. >> abc 7 news reporter lieian melendez with more on the story. lyanne? >> i can tell you in just five minutes waiting to talk to you in the studio it got really cold out here so you can imagine what life on the street can be for many of these homeless people. now, today's event focused on offering the kind of services that many of us perhaps take for
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granted. close to 18 lunn people waited in line to get needed services. the hole location, san francisco's bill graham civic auditorium. >> they offer a lot of things here that otherwise you really wouldn't be able to get and if you did get them you'd have to probably go to eight different places. >> jordan broom was homeless for ten years. he's now in a treatment program. help was also able to call his mom in texas today. what did you say to your mom? >> oh, that i loved her and i was doing well. >> the services provided including medical, dental and vision among others. leo came to get new glasses. i have diabetes and good to keep my eyes checked and keep up with my help. >> reporter: project homeless connect puts on five of these events a year and the nonprofit also provides information on shelters and transitional housing. the food they hand out may not always be fit for a king but
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advice on food programs is always welcomed. >> we are encouraging them to try to take advantage of other food assistance whether through our pantries or cal fresh which is food stamps. >> reporter: at today's events coats and jackets were a welcome bonus and so were the knitted throes. each one was handmade by volunteers of warmup america, a texas-based non-profit, so we can make sure everyone whories its us leaves with a jacket or it is december and it is getting cold. >> pets living on the street with their owners were also given medical attention and a chance to stay healthy. lie yaep melendez, abc 7 news. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, a closer look at a bay-area neighborhood inundated by the homeless and the frustration both inside and outside the encampments. for more information on the sfo homeless project go to city team which houses the homeless in san francisco has
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been closed. a sign movement and on a youtube car the they are still passing out bag lunches to those who are in need. >> cold now and the rain is back. >> they are expecting several days of rain. spencer christian joining us now. >> rainy pattern into the weekend and it's wet out there and getting weathtterwetter. >> mostly light rain and pockets of moderate rain mainly hover in the east bay from just east of oakland and into the east bay hills. danville and into that area and southward into the higher terrain. wet and getting wetter. snowing in the sierras.
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a winter weather advisory in effect and until 10:00 we expect six inches of snow and above 5,000 feet. snow levels down 2,500 feet and look out for black ice, slippery roads and chain controls and delays if you're driving in that area. we're looking at cool and wet conditions with temperatures currently in the upper 40s to right around 0. view from the rooftop camera. it's cloudy and wet and rain will intensify. wet pattern through friday with for -- this current keefe is lies. a some of moderate intensity and forecast animation starting at 10:00. we'll see pockets of yellow indicating areas of moderate to heavy rainfall continuing into the early morning commute and also into the midday hours and
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breaking up in the north bay and finally in the afternoon and evening hours we'll see it winding down a bit before the next storm comes in. rainfall totals we project by later tonight. up half an inch or so and most locations near or above and tomorrow's highs were upper 50s and the accuweather seven-day forecast. a wet day fennel on guess and we'll get rainier weather on monday and tuesday of next week and the rain goes on. it's going to be wet for a while. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up. remembering pearl harbor 75 years later. hear from some of the i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours.
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hawaii as thousands gathered to mark 75 years since the japanese attack on pearl harbor. the event took place right across from the harbor where the "uss arizona" sank on december 7th, 1941. more than 2,400 americans lost their lives that day. today's 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor was also being remembered in alameda this morning. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has that part of the story. >> reporter: george lartson is living history. the mill valley native is a pearl harbor survivor. >> i'm just lucky to be alive. >> reporter: last op was a third class operator operating for the coast guard working at the lie month and on december 7, saw planes with red dots on the
4:27 pm
wings. he was surrounded by the sounds of explosions. ♪ today on pearl harbor remembrance day a ceremony at coast guard base al immediate toorks honor the survivors and those who lost their lives this day. music and inspiration and the placing of the pearl hash ore wreath, a young plan in known wasn't an important figure in all of this stuff. >> and you just being here and your member have i important to education people here and to be table talk about it 75 years later. >> yeah, yeah. i'm amazed that i'm still around here. >> reporter: another event for pearl harbor remembrance day is being held at the "suh or net" near alameda. they are holding a roundtable
4:28 pm
discussion with ward war sue. >> and we have posted this pearl rarg or if you wish and take a look back. t the very latest on the warehouse fire in oakland. authorities just wrapped up the news over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms announced today they expect investigators to spend several kays, possibly even weeks, investigating the cause of last friday's deadly fire at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. crews have finished searching the building for victims. 36 bodies were recovered. only a few minutes ago and we carried it for you live, the news conference, laura anthony heard from oakland mayor libby schaaf who announced she's creating a task force with the national fire protection agency to assure artist safety after the city received a flood of complaints about other warehouses in the days since the ghost ship fire. coming up at 5:00, reporter melanie woodrow has the story of one of the victims. friends remembered amanda
4:32 pm
churchoff as a talented photographer. they see no indication that the fire was the intentionally set but they are looking for any cause. lauren lyfter joins us live from oakland with the late on the investigation. >> reporter: though the recovery effort for victims is over and they continue to remove burned debris that will all be used as evidence and they will board up this building and the officials don't have a cause of the fire yet but atf investigators are here working to pinpoint it. today officials trying to pinpoint the exact source that sparked the devastation here friday negotiate and theim search for bodies here now xlit. >> a text know dance party and we learned that most victims died of smoke inhalation spending their final moments
4:33 pm
reaching out to loved ones from inside. >> people calling another knowing they are going to die. >> reporter: survivors shaken by the trauma. >> i was in my studio with my dogs when i heard the cries for help. >> reporter: and questions of why people were living in the warehouse in the ghost ship that wasn't zoned for residential living. the building receiving at least six complaints in the last two years, one former neighbor saying he called neighborhoods twice a week to complain about fights and parties but never got a response. >> you have to question whether the throw priority calls cumulatively added up and it did no this horrific tragedy. >> reporter: one previous resident of this warehouse said there were at least three previous fires there that she knew of and it was standard
4:34 pm
practice not to call the fire department because the power was being used illegally. all of this is being heavily scrutini scrutinized. >> now a memorial near the warehouse continues to grow. notes and memories are adding up as people share their memories. >> the bay's biggest superstars. >> on top of other fund-raising efforts that are surfacing all expects. kristen sze is he kristen sze is here with the players. the players said they will pledge $75 to relief efforts and they are asking fans to contribute through a special tage on the warriors website and in the meantime i'm going show you what they are also doing.
4:35 pm
let's flip this over. all right. see the you caring website. this one set up by the nonprofit gray area foundation for the art have raised half a million and the one set up by the as, raiders and warriors has now raised over $400,000 and where will all that money go? >> right now there's so many different expenses and we're work directly with the mayor's office as well as the red cross to make sure that's distributed in the most appropriate way. >> people have couldn't duetted a collective $40,000 to support the twin daughters of victim alex gosan. >> thank you, kristen. san francisco's museum of modern art will offer free admission tomorrow night as a way to honor the lives lost.
4:36 pm
they believe in the contemplative and restorative power of art. you can share this badge or look through the photo gallery that we've put together honoring all of the victims. a manhunt is under way in southwest georgia after the shooting of two police officers and one of them has died. the shooting happened as the officers responded to a reported domestic dispute near georgia and southwestern state university which is in americus. the officer killed belopgd to the police department and the wounded officer worked for the university. he's listed in critical condition. two juveniles are facing charges in connection to that devastating wildfire or croup of fires that killed 1 people in tennessee. the teenagers have been charged with aggregated arson. the fire originated in the chimney tops area and spread to
4:37 pm
gatlinburg and pushed by 90 miles per hour winds and tinder dry conditions. officials say nearly 1,700 structures were damaged or destroyed by the fires. president-elect donald trump is promising some new announcements and appointments soon this, as "time" magazine named him person of the year. >> i dlfrd to the president-elect and his senior adviser and his chief of staff a letter signed by 14 mayors put together from across the country about our dhaka students. >> reporter: rahm emanuel is hoping president-elect donald trump will protect dhaka students. >> they are trying to achieve the american dream. they are something we should hold up a embrace. >> reporter: mr. trump has sought president obama's advice on some of his cabinet picks. >> they have spoken several times since the face-to-face oval office meeting just after the election. >> reporter: the president-elect saying he would announce more
4:38 pm
positions soon and the president-elect is likely to announce retired general john kell as the head of homeland security. >> i think we're in the process of putting together one of the best cabinets. >> reporter: he said he's former narrowed his choice for secretary of state and meanwhile the president-elect was named "time" magazine an accolade he sailed he celebrated. >> it's a great honor and means a lot especially me groping up and reading "time" magazine, a very important magazine. >> reporter: president-elect will be traveling to iowa tomorrow. he has announced he will be tapping their long-standing governor, terry branstad, tots ambassador to chip. >> still to come on "abc 1 news hat 4:00," a standard football wiped bids farewell. >> i'm spencer christian looking
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the coliseum lashed deal molded to keep the raiders in oakland could be approved next week. today the city council met in closed session to review the latest session of the term sheet offered by the group headed by hall of fame ronnie lott. multiple sources say the votes are there on the city council to
4:42 pm
pass it when it's officially voted on next tuesday. the plan will need four of the five alameda county forwards to go four. the mccaffrey was the a.p. college football player of the last year, runner up for the heisman trove and should have won it and holds the most all-purpose yards and his dad went to stanford and played for the denver broncos. >> rain has ahifd and has become more seddier and a look at live -- light to mold rat rain and pockets of moderate rapeful and the steadiest wayne is out tots the east vale.
4:43 pm
heaviest rain and incomes of moderate to upper 50s from to near 6 in the bear area. beginning to taper off in the north bay and we main. rain will redevelop in the north bay and not too widespread on friday and we'll see it winding down. we're projecting rainfall totals but friday night at 11:00 reaching over an inch in san francisco and in oakland, over an inch and a quarter in santa rosa and inch envelope down at ben lowman. the storm we currently have is a light one and it will intensify overnight ranking two. rainy and breezy tomorrow and another bit of unsettled weather
4:44 pm
over the weekend. sunny mid an tuesday. >> you'll they had them the next week. >> take. >> still ahead. barbara boxer bids farewell. >> this is a moment for me i'll never ever forget. >> today's speech and what she consideration her biggest accomplishment. >> you pay that extra (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better
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the woman who has represented the bay area in congress for 34 years said a fond good-bye on the senate floor. >> jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has some. highlight of barbara boxer's speech and career. >> reporter: boxer gave a thoughtful, gracious and at times humorous 25-minute speech. >> as a first generation american hon my mother's side and most particularly as a woman i never in my wildest dreams did imagine that i chop in the united states senate. it was an hill battle.
4:48 pm
>> senator barbara boxer gave her final farewell from the senate after two dozen years. >> this has been a dream to be in a profession that i think is noble no matter how beaten up it gets. >> reporter: 76-year-old's gleer public office has spanned four decad decades. boxer lovingly remembered his run for run of boa-morte county board of supervisors. >> she initially lost but went on to serve of in 1976. i was exposed to these national issues that would soon require all my attention. >> she also reflected on early years in congress as a house member, particularly dealing with the aids crisis of the 1980s. among her top accomplishments in the senate, boxer listed the first ever school programs receiving federal funding, 1 million acres will do a wilder news prosevered and the xwam to
4:49 pm
have had this extraordinary career and i'm fortunate to go home for a state that stands forering i believe it. >> quoter is ecstatic that ghala harris will replace her. she shies show hold no bitter nistors her or and the abc 7 nubs. >> night now for ask quinnie. you're first is from david that says i got a letter saiding 2002 and 20 are 15 might occasionally have problems with the traps mission. how do i feel out if my. >> any time there's problem were the back.
4:50 pm
>> those need d. >> go to and eventually you get to a place where you put in your truck, your v.i.n. number and maybe just the year and they will tell you exactly what's going on. >> tom asked at 63 years old should i change my investments from the tech markets to bonds. >> kind of depends where you r.let me give you a rule thumb. the older you are and the closer you get to retirement the more you move out of stocks and move to safer investments and stocks and c.d.s, that type of stuff. you like what's your feelings about risk? if you're coined of a risk-taker then you lean more towards stock. if you don't want any risk as all you learn more towards and
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double check them. make shower you're -- right, right, right. >> mark, asks via twitter who gets to keep the five cents a can thing and is it so impossible to get it back. it's item, give you the nickel pell. judiciary committee with. it it has to do recycling center and common hours and you show up and j the and the state says 80% are rushed by those who buy them. i don't know if i actually agree with that number but that the number i see. >> thank, michael. >> sure. san francisco's oldest bakery has closed one of its most popular locations.
4:52 pm
a sign outside the bodine market on month xwomry. president was the problem and in a state it could be expanded to renovated memo. do not tell that to critters you're about to see. >> at joining some president bush snow. they put -- the thelers play in the snow every wednesday morning. liver otters live across the u.s. and canada and they often run into snow in the wild. they are adorable. >> yeah, they are. "abc 7 news at 4:00" continues. up next, the effort to fight rising rents in the south bay but could it really make a difference for families?
4:53 pm
>> right now dan with a lock hat what's come up at 5:00. >> larry, ama, thanks very much. airport broach, who is the man who will be out aren't also the mystery advice helpings seal mots and t
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here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00 it's "the goldbergs" followed by "speechless" and 9:00 p.m. "modern family" followed by "black-ish" and then the new hit "designated survivor" and then stayed tuned for the news at 11:00.
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the city of san jose has a new rent controlled ordinance approved by the city council seven month ago. >> it aims to keep rental prices down for apartments built before 1979 and still enforce it it is tough. >> abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera has more on the story. >> reporter: living in silicon valley isn't cheap and finding an affordable place to rent is tough. >> the rent is ridiculous. the rent goes up and the pay doesn't, you know. i pay over $2,400 a month. >> like so many people tiffany herald lives check to check to make ends meet. in april tennants and landlords packed the city council meeting and they went from an 8% increase to 5% increase per year and a city auditor says enforcement is challenging. >> we've not had the resources necessary to be effective in communicating with tennants and landlords what are their rights
4:58 pm
and responsibilities under the ordinance. >> this highlights lack of oversight. there are 44,000 rend-controlled apartments in san jose but only one administrator to enforce the ordinance. the new ordinance also included a rent registry requiring landlords to document rental charges and anti-retaliation charges for tennants who raise maintenance concerns. matthew reed meets families who come to sacred heart community service for assistance and he says rent prices need to come down to make a difference. >> if we lowered that level it would be doing more to protect people from super high rents that are causing real suffering. >> a council committee will review the audit and the plan is to hire more staff to enforce the rent control ordinance by july of 2017. in san jose, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for this edition of "abc 7 news at 4:00." thanks so much for joining us.
4:59 pm
i'm am ax daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. "abc 7 news at 5:00" starts now. the investigation into the oakland warehouse fire has stunning new information about the last time an inspector was inside that building. that's next. >> and today's big chase at sfo. what we're learning about a man who was running out on the field as planes were taxying at the airport. >> also ahead, the artists who were just launching their lives. emotional stories about those killed in the oakland inferno. >> i am committed to doing this in a professional and methodical way and to do so without a spirit of witch-hunt or scape goegt. >> that's oakland mayor libby schaaf speaking this past hour about the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. show says she's putting together a task force to look into it, and we just learned it has been decades since anyone inspected the ghost ship building inside. good evening. i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. there's a lot happening today in the investigation of friday eats deadly warehouse fire. this afternoon officials released the identities of two more victims. >> that's right. we are still waiting to learn the names of seven people who died in that fire. also today the atf confirmed the fire started on the first floor of the ghost ship and trapped people on the second floor. there is no official cause determined yet. a team from the national fire prevention association is going to ensure the safety of the artists in the city. >> a total of 36 people have been found dead and other are those two new victims identified today. 35-year-old jason mccarthy. >> and 61-year-old wolfgang renner. both men lived in oakland. laura anthony is live in oakland with the late on the investigation tonight. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. well, a press conference here just concluded here at oakland's emergency operations cent


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